orange box orange box Carriere® Self-Ligating Bracket (SLB)
Try our 3-D Rendering of the Carriere SLB self-ligating bracket
  • Rotate the bracket 360°
  • 3 Views – top, bottom, x-ray
  • Any View with or without hooks, with open or closed gate
  • See torque, angle and offset degrees on any bracket in Roth and McLaughlin, Bennett, Trevisi prescriptions
Carriere SLB: The New Standard for Self-Ligation
  • Single-Piece MIM Construction - Stronger with precision dimension and detail
  • Mold-Injected - For increased biocompatibility and acceptance
  • Low-Profile Mini-Twin Rhomboid Shape - Easy to place with improved patient comfort
  • Elegantly Simple Design - Only the Clip Moves! - Reduces the possibility of fouling or jams
  • Mechanism Located in Bracket Face - Easy to open. With normal good hygiene, the patient will also clean the clip, helping to keep it functioning freely and easily.
  • Clip Provides Passive Engagement - Significant reduction in friction and improvement in sliding mechanics for faster treatment and fewer visits
  • Archwire Sequence Offers Active Engagement - Finishing wires provide active engagement for desired Torque Control
  • Opens with Explorer, Closes with Finger - No Special Instrument Required. Offers quick and easy wire changes. Securely closed and locked during treatment.
  • More Choices - Offering .018 or .022 slot size in Roth or MBT prescription. Hooks available on 3's, 4's and 5's.
The Carrière SLB is the new star of self ligating brackets. It is a completely passive bracket that permits a "biologic looseness" of the wire inside the full four-wall lumen. The Working Hypothesis for the design of the Carrière SLB has been to avoid the binding of the arch to the bracket, so the periodontal tissue does not become in a "global state of war" reaction. With the Carrière SLB self-ligation system, the forces applied for adequate orthodontic treatment are not interfered by binding forces normally present from elastic o-rings or metal ties. The result is minimal friction and improved sliding mechanics. Teeth are able to move FASTER with LOWER forces and fewer adjustments making the treatment more comfortable and enjoyable for the patient.

The Carrière SLB is a minimalist bracket converging elegance, technology and extreme precision. Computer designed with cutting-edge technology, it is composed of two parts: the base and the sliding wall. They match perfectly in an unprecedented design of form and function. The curved trajectory of the closing slide and the smooth rounded edges make it the most comfortable and smallest self-ligating bracket on the market of its kind.

Closure is in the direction of the masticatory impact; this is to say, to gingival. This assures door closure during eating and also permits the construction of hooks where deemed necessary. Through a rigorous series of quality tests, molding and microinjection, the Carrière SLB guarantees an absolute perfection of function in its performance and endurance. For the orthodontist, it offers a maximum working simplicity with a smooth slide of the locking mechanism. Opening can be achieved with a classical explorer and closing can be done with the simple pressure of the finger. Plus, it is totally nickel free for the safety of the patient.

The Carrière SLB system has an archwire sequence designed to accompany the Carrière SLB to produce fast, quality results with outstanding comfort for the patient. By using a combination of our exclusive Ultra-Therm and Black Diamond archwires, lower force wires with reduced friction deliver optimal results through each phase of treatment. For final detailing, our finishing wires can be used for active torque needed to complete cases.

For more information, please contact your sales rep or click here to send us an email requesting either a Carrière SLB info packet or a Lunch & Learn presentation.

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